Gradas de discos

Ideales para el cultivo superficial del suelo.

Disc harrows are equipment mainly indicated for the surface cultivation of land, and can be used either in the presence of crop residues or for a secondary tillage following on from an earlier ploughing.
Thanks to their versatility, they lend themselves to a variety of uses such as: ploughing in crop residues or stable waste, uprooting of invasive grass in poplar plantations or on land intended for reclamation, reduction of clods of earth on land that has already been ploughed or replanted and, in the context of vineyards or orchards, to aerate the surface layer of the land or to dig in fertilisers.
In addition to maintaining a degree of robustness suited to the various uses for which they are intended, Spedo disc harrows have the particularity of being constructed with point rocker bearings. These components, which thanks to their oscillation permit the rotation of the discs, allow the disc sections to be optimally adjusted to the unevenness of the land, limiting moreover the stresses on the bearings.

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