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In 1967, thanks to the forty years’ experience that he had gained in the agricultural machinery sector, Antonio Spedo, together with his sons Tiberio and Romeo, founded ANTONIO SPEDO & FIGLI, a business that right from the start specialised in designing and making equipment for the preparation of beds for sowing.

As the result of the constant attention paid to market demand and to expanding and updating the range of “historical” products over the last few years, we have now introduced three new lines: vineyard shredders, hydraulic elevators and machines for picking olives and hanging fruits.

Equipment for inter-row cultivation

SPEDO inter-row cultivators are equipment designed for the cultivation of land or for maintaining grass cover in the inter-row cultivation of vineyards, orchards, olive groves and, more generally, on all plantations in which the crops are grown in rows or with the aid of an overhead trellis system.

This concerns therefore a mechanical system for controlling the invasive grass that takes root beneath the plants; a fully ecological solution in that it replaces the use of chemical products.

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Combined tillers/cultivators

Spedo cultivators are mainly used for inter-row cultivation in vineyards and orchards. Depending on the type of anchor and on whether or not rear rollers are utilised, cultivators are used to till the land, thereby facilitating the process of decompacting and draining the soil, even in deeper layers, or to plough the most superficial layer of the soil to encourage aeration.

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Grass cutters/vineyard shredders

SPEDO cutters are machines used for grinding pruning residues in orchards, vineyards and plantations containing other crops, for maintaining greenery and for breaking down straw, cornstalks or residues from any kind of field cropping. Side cutting versions are also used for the maintenance of river and canal banks.

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Vineyard multi-tool

The vineyard multi-tool is a versatile vineyard maintenance system allowing for the application of a cutting system (double-bladed mowing bar with double connecting rod) and a pre-pruning system (10-disc pre-pruner).

Its stainless steel structure, together with the numerous variants which SPEDO makes available, ensures that it is marked out by a distinctive feature, unique to its kind, which assures the robustness, stability and high-level performance of the machine.

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Disc harrows

Disc harrows are equipment mainly indicated for the surface cultivation of land, and can be used either in the presence of crop residues or for a secondary tillage following on from an earlier ploughing. Thanks to their versatility, they lend themselves to a variety of uses such as: ploughing in crop residues or stable waste, uprooting of invasive grass in poplar plantations or on land intended for reclamation, reduction of clods of earth on land that has already been ploughed or replanted and, in the context of vineyards or orchards, to aerate the surface layer of the land or to dig in fertilisers.

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Tree fruit shakers

Thanks to the vibratory effect of the heads with which they are equipped, SPEDO Fruipick shaking machines allow the tree to be shaken and olives, nuts, plums and any other similar hanging fruit to be consequently picked. The movements, easily activated by remote control, the speed of picking and the respect for the plant make these machines an optimal choice in any effort to save time and costs.

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Hydraulic elevators

SPEDO hydraulic elevators are machines used specifically for lifting, and thanks to their variety of accessories (pins for balers, returning machines, stainless steel tip tanks), can be used in several agricultural sectors such as haymaking, fruit picking, grape picking, etc. The possibility of affixing them both to the front and the rear of agricultural tractors together with the high-quality steel used to construct them ensure their robustness and reliability for any type of need.

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